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NP13 – 世界之頂 – 蘇聯浮冰站攝影紀念展


3月1日 – 3月16日

營業時間:14:00-19:00 (週一、二公休)
+886 227205070

1 – 16 March 2019
無事生活 Letterpress & Tea House

461 Wuxing St., Xinyi District, Taipei, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Open Time: 14:00-19:00 (Closed on Mon. Tue.)
+886 227205070

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1964年4月蘇聯北極探險團在位於符蘭格爾島以北510公里的浮冰升國旗, 由此標誌著北極-13 (NP-13)探險開始。我的爺爺維克多·達尼洛夫作為聲學家在浮冰待了兩年,這時期他開始聲音實驗,研究聲波行動,實驗聲音與冰的反應。在20世紀舉行這樣探險相當於一項壯舉,欲得到此科學知識別無他法。與世隔絕兩年多後,探險團成員於空閒之餘將寒冷的北極臨時當成他們的溫暖家。在工作時禁止攝影,即使有人攝影工作過程,照片和視頻也都被沒收了,NP-13 攝影展包含探險團在極寒之地的休閒娛樂時刻和在他們眼中大自然的極寒之美。
NP-13 獲取寶貴的數據,以供世界各地科學研究,而這屆攝影展展示的照片被視為是唯一的紀念。

In April 1964, a Soviet flag was raised on an ice floe 510km north from Wrangel Island. This marked the beginning of the operations of NP-13 (North Pole 13). My grandfather Viktor Danilov, an acoustic engineer, spent 2 years conducting experiments on how sound travels and the way it interacts with ice. Since leaving the ice floe 5 decades ago, no further studies have been conducted.

Isolated for more than 2 years, the crew spent their free time making the frigid Arctic their home. Photography during work days was strictly prohibited and anybody caught would have their film rolls confiscated and destroyed.

The precious photographs are the only reminders of the men whose work became a valuable asset for scientists around the globe.

Dedicated to Viktor Danilov, my grandfather.

Special thanks to my Mom and Dad, 無事生活, Liza Semionova, Irene Fan, Ye Bing, Conrad Bauer, Pana Asavavatana, Sheilah Manalo & Bong SC for your enormous help with this project.