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The enemy

Here is a fun project I had on my mood board for quite a while already. The idea popped into my head after the Vipassana meditation course that we took in India. Who is he…? The most powerful and the only enemy of mine?

That was so great. Nice weather, photography, me busting out capoeira moves.. Thank you, YeBing for helping me out with photo session, really appreciate it.

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  1. Ninja

    I adore this project! In the context of Capoeira being a reflection of one’s personality in and outside of the roda, your photo essay is a fantastic study of this concept. Well done!

    • Andrey

      Thanks a lot! Glad you liked it!

  2. Charlie

    Hi , just had a look at this, I may not have seen it entirely, but I’m interested to find out what your project is/was about ? and what came out it ?

    • Andrey

      Hi Charlie, nice that you stopped over to have a look at this stuff. I believe the main idea behind this project was self-overcoming. Doesn’t really matter what is your personal background, whether you doing martial arts, capoeira, gymnastic or designing websites, painting, sketching the point is that the only person that stays on the way of your progress is actually yourself.

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