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Suzhou, Lion Grove Garden – 苏州狮子林

Of all the famous rock-gardens in history, only one has survived. This is the so-called “Lion Garden” in SuZhou. The Lion Grove Garden was built in 1342 during the Yuan Dynasty by a Zen Buddhist monk, Wen Tianru, in memory of his teacher Abbot Zhongfeng. At that time the garden was part of the Bodhi Orthodox Monastery.

Here are some shots I made during a short trip to Suzhou recently.

YeWen & LiXiaoLong

Great shots of Bruce Lee and his teacher – YeWen.

Anman Fayun with 无事生活

Just couple of shots I made during our walk around the Anman Fayun hotel in Hangzhou, China.
Camera: TLR Rolleiflex 3.5
Film: Ilford XP2 400

Katya made some tasty coconut cookies for us and brought them in this lovely woven bag.


Sarah Wu

A calligraphy piece from an Anman’s exhibition.


Capoeira 3D photography

A series of photos made by a very talented friend of mine – YeBing. Make sure to check out her great looking website here:

Yoga photo session with Conrad Bauer in Hangzhou, China

Sneaking around on my old hard drive I came across this awesome urban-asian-yoga photo session I made for my buddy Conrad about 4 years ago on the streets of Hangzhou. Really love the vibe of these photos, so many small details and so many warm memories…

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AmanFaYun, Hangzhou

Couple of pictures I made at AmanFaYun-法云安缦 a couple of weeks ago. Certainly visit the place if you are looking for a really authentic and tranquil place around Hangzhou area.

The Reception:

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Tiantai, GuoQing temple

Pictures from the short trip to 天台山(TianTaiShan)we made during this weekend.

Bonsai trees at the entrance of GuoQing temple.

Bamboo shoots drying in front of the monks dormitory.

Monk checking if bamboo shoots are ready to eat.

At the hall.

Peony flowers at the monastery garden.

Late dinner in the town.

On the top of TianTai.

Sui Pagoda (~700 AD)

The enemy

Here is a fun project I had on my mood board for quite a while already. The idea popped into my head after the Vipassana meditation course that we took in India. Who is he…? The most powerful and the only enemy of mine?

That was so great. Nice weather, photography, me busting out capoeira moves.. Thank you, YeBing for helping me out with photo session, really appreciate it.