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Capoeira Ventania Hangzhou

Here is a bunch of stuff I made for Capoeira Ventania Hangzhou. Logo, business cards, T-shirts for training and a poster.
Click on “Read more” button to check out the process of development.

Actually the first idea for the logo came across my mind when I found this energetic photo on the internet:

This one was made using Chinese ink and brush:

Afterwards there were much more of funny variants.


However I decided to stick to this one, a very powerful phrase that you could hear at the end of each training.


Herea are a couple of poster concepts:


Below is a process of silkscreening the T-shirts

Printing our design on a transparent plastic paper.

Preparing the “silk screen”.


After the wax is completely dry we need to “burnout” our design from the waxed silk screen. On the picture: The guy is putting our design and the screen on top of UV lamps.

Then he said: “Actually this kind of light is a bit dangerous so I’d better cover the whole thing with my coat… ”

Washing out the wax from the “burned” spots. Making a stencil…

White spots – no wax.

Using the pressurized water jet to reveal a very thin lines.

They use chopsticks to stir the paint.

Drying again and covering unwanted spots with a sticky tape.

Defining the place of our design on T–shirt.

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