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Magazeta – brand update

Magazeta has been out there for 12 years already and became #1 online magazine about China in Russian language. I’m grateful to 马玉玺 (Alexander) and 欧丽亚 (Oliya), as well as the whole Magazeta crew for trusting me enough to redesign their identity.

Researching animals

4 BC
山海经 Shan Hai Jing

21 AD
As seen on the Internet behind the Great Wall

From here on it was clear that our logo needed an animal in order to fit into Chinese zoo. This is where the first character of 马网报 came in handy. 马 (mǎ) – Horse.

“… the Horse not only represents heaven, a king, a father, and a well-educated man, but it also represents a man of honor in traditional Chinese culture.”

Taking a moment to appreciate these old Chinese matchboxes with their horse illustrations, typographic compositions, 1 color silkscreen print goodness.


Diving deeper into Chinese symbolism to explore The Circle, a symbol that stands for oneness, fullfillment. A great example being a deeply significant Yin Yang symbol that incorporates everything into unified balance. Inspired by it we crafted our logo using only circles.

East and West

The pose of our horse is not accidental either. It runs towards East, discovering the rich culture and philosophy of China, however its’ head is turned towards West, informing everyone of what it seen.

Below is the whole journey that took place on the Illustrator artboard.

Ok, now the next one puts a huge smile on my face. Those guys baked some real cookies with the logo on top. How cool is that!

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