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Instigar – surf brand logo design

I believe I’ve landed my dream project. What can be cooler than developing a logo for a surf company, especially if you find this lines in the brief:

Icon that I thought might work is abstract hardcore angel, abstract waves, yin/yang…

I totally fell in love with the whole concept behind the brand, just read this:

I realised that in South America there is such a love for surfing, but most people can not afford a surfboard or take part in competitions, yet they never complain, and love life no matter what, even if 5 people share one board, also countries like Venezuela, Argentina and Costa Rica, have some amazing surfers yet they dont get exposure as with countries like USA, SA, AUS and Europe, I wanted to create a brand that would sort of rebel against the well know leader markets..

I want people to feel like they can associate with the brand and that the brand has its roots in what matters the most, loving the surf and being stoked about life.

Let’s look closer at our logo.

As far as Instigar is an Asian-based company, we wanted the logo to contain some Asian feeling, that is why we decided to use some elements of Chinese calligraphy in the type, just to give a slight hint.

Below are hidden elements in the logo:

Photo made by my dad.

the process

Love playing with ink. Hera are some of the concept logos that I think are worth mentioning:

I did try to make a hardcore surf angel though…

The idea with fingerprint developed from here.

Hand lettering in progress.

color inspiration

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  1. Adrianna

    Hi there! I’m Adrianna and I’m a Sydney based graphic design student… Just messaging to say that I think this logo design is gorgeous! So much thought and concept development in it, and its certainly paid off! Well done!

    • Andrey

      Thank you, Adrianna! It’s nice to hear that my work is inspiring other people, in fact I made this project during my last year at the art school. Make sure to take as much freelance work as possible as a student, since you still have all the time after classes. Have fun!

  2. todd

    Im on the brink of doing a logo for a surf company. I like the thought and finished design. Very nice.

    • Andrey

      Thanks, Todd! I’m glad you liked it.

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