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Inspired by the minimal, slick design of Dieter Rams, this new app is designed to tell you whether or not you will  need an umbrella today.

There are many apps which will tell you the precise temperature with up to the minute accuracy. However, for most of us the only thing we need to know is whether to take an umbrella today.

For more relevant weather reports, swipe your finger across the  upper and lower sections of your screen, revealing the temperature and wind speed for today.

This app design is part of a graduation project by Andrey Danilov, an undergraduate student of graphic design at the China Academy of Art.

Did I mention that it’s completely free?



Should I take an umbrella today? Well, let's find out with a help of this app!

After launching "Zontik", it automatically tells you whether you gonna need an umbrella today or not. Simplicity is everything.


Feel like getting a little bit geeky with a weather report? Just open up the upper section to view a current wind speed information. The "Wind wheel" rotates according to the wind speed outside.


Temperature information is hiding beneath the lower section.

Simply swipe you finger to see the outside temperature at this very moment. A touch of smooth animation for a good mood. Nothing fancy, just good to know.

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