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Design Marathon (Day 11)

Project I made during the 11th day of the “Design Marathon”. Studying After Effects. Watching tutorials.

Design Marathon (Day 9)

This one took me a bit more time than I expected, anyhow, now, when all the bezier points are on the right places and texture work is down, I’m ready to launch this small illustration.
This is a bike I own here, in Hangzhou, in fact this is a perfect Chinese copy of Honda’s Joker.

Design Marathon (Day 7)

One more thing I created today, using After Effects. Studying.

Song fragment by Jim Guthrie.

Design Marathon (Day 6)

One more day and one more tool studied in After Effects. Love the glows on this one.

Design Marathon (Day 5)

An illustration I created around “Tron Uprising” cartoon during the 5th day of Design Marathon.

Drive poster

I am happy to announce a self-initiated poster I designed after watching the movie “Drive”. Dark version (with the lights off) supposed to be printed using Glow in the dark ink. The movie has an awesome soundtrack which helped me out a lot during the process of creating.

Two versions of the poster:

Read more to check out my process screen grabs.
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Design Marathon (Day 3)

One more day & one more thing to upload. Today I was studying some techniques in After effects. Nick Campbell was right, throwing particles around IS FUN.

Design Marathon (Day 2)

This one is for you – Hangzhouvians. How many of you are standing on the streets this very moment desperately searching for this sacred light.

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