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Shazam! I’m happy to announce the new project we made in collaboration with Muei san. Deeply inspired by the works of Switzerland sculptor Markus Raetz we decided to erase that solid boundary between Eastern and Western typography.

For this project we tried a lot of innovative media that we never used before. Everything started in MAYA software (a very big thanks to Sanzhar Murzin who helped us to revise my Google SketchUp attempts, make sure to check out his personal website it’s going to be up and running pretty soon), later on we continued with a 3D printing, after the 3D form was ready we went on and made a quick photo shooting and proceeded to photo editing. Alongside with photos a various types of visual identity has been created including business cards, posters, letter samples and a short video.

Read more to check out the process…


Idea for the logo appeared during the photo shooting, the view of the letters from the top was really awesome, unfortunately we didn’t have our sketchbooks handy so I grabbed a piece of chalk and doodled it out on a black board:

Making a 3D form

Stuff that didn’t work out:


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  2. admin

    Hi! I’m still tweaking the website and didn’t add the subscribe button yet. Just use link here:

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