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Clara Clayton Canyon

The second print from the series goes to the iconic DeLorean and BTTF3. Still experimenting with this style, but already liking the results I can get simply by adding a little bit of rough texture to the silky smooth vector.

Above is my design process from start to finish.

Meat popsicle

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Launching a series of cool movie vehicles with this art print.

-Sir, are you classified as a human?
-Negative, I’m a meat popsicle.

Logo design for AIG

Here are the initial logos we created for AIG (American International Group Inc.). Both logos were meant to be for Dragonshield – a division of AIG, selling insurance specifically to Asian-based companies. Our task was to make a Dragonshield logo as well as an IPO Boost logo.
Agency: Mangham Gaxiola
Creative Director: Robert Gaxiola
Art Direction: Andrey Danilov

Initial sketches and ideas.

Mangham Gaxiola website design

Singapore’s Local Independence Agency Of The Year – Mangham Gaxiola wanted a new website to announce their move to a charming little conservation shophouse that was first TCM clinic and institute in Singapore. Inspired by its Chinese heritage, we created a website that blends both East and West, and told their story.
The website is built with a simple yet interactive “moving particles” symbolizing the power of creative collaboration.

Agency: Mangham Gaxiola
Creative Partner: Robert Gaxiola
Copywriter: Geraldine Oh, Erika Choo
Web designer: Andrey Danilov
Web developer: Make Studios

To see particles in action check out the video below or go straight to the website.


Quick hovercraft value study while working on a logo.

Copic markers, copic multiliner.

About signs

Here is a great story about an invisible art form of sign painting. This incredible craft with a long history has almost disappeared with an invention of vinyl cutting machine. The full movie is available on iTunes, just click on the banner below.


And here is another great video about signs.

Featured on

My little Jimi Hendrix tribute illustration made it’s way to the front page of