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Unsafe at any speed

Gonna do a small print run of these stickers.

Vyaz – Вязь

Vyaz is a traditional Russian calligraphy style originated around XV century. Here’s a small piece I did recently. Some of my Russian followers probably would recognize the word “Жарптица” (Phoenix) in there.

DataX2 – print ad

Here’s a print ad we made back at Ogilvy. Singtel was about to launch a DataX2 plan, where with a nominal fee you could double up your mobile data. During our research we looked into old boxing posters for some inspiration and came up with this idea – The Fight For Your Data Stops With DataX2.

Agency: Ogilvy and Mather
Creative Director/Copywriter: Stephen Kyriakou
Art Director: Andrey Danilov

Steak Plate – icon design

An icon design for Boncafellas website. Only 4 shapes, the rest is layer styles and textures.

The taste of chlorine

An illustration inspired by the view from appartment we used to rent in Singapore. There was something magical about that lady swimming there at night. 18X24 Print.

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Boncafellas – landing page animation

Trying to spice up static web design with my motion graphic skills. Below is a subtle looped animation we created for Boncafellas (BonCafe) landing page.

Same in high res:

Full story is coming soon.


“Sad Chewbacca”. Quick afternoon sketch after seeing the last Force Awakens screening in town.