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Organic Puer Tea packaging design for Chara (Singapore)

I’m happy to announce the packaging we designed for a “Chara” tea brand, based in Singapore. The company producing top quality organic tea in Yunnan, China. Here is a short intro from them:

It is believed that about a thousand years ago, tea first spread across China and Asia from its origins in Pu’er through a network of paths known as the Tea Horse Road or 茶马道. Today, Pu’er county and its nearby areas still produce some of the finest teas in the world. In Chara, you will experience the highest quality puer tea from old tea trees; absent of any form of chemical fertilisers – yes, Chara’s puer is organic!

Letterpress on the packaging:

Lot’s of process shots below, so beware!

the backstage

Rough ideas:

More packaging ideas sketched with copic markers:

The client really liked the idea with the packaging styled as bamboo, because as you may know the earliest puer tea packaging were made using real bamboo. Sadly we had to put this idea on the shelf due to a production cost.

The font I made for this packaging:

Here are a couple more designs that didn’t work out, but in my opinion are worth mentioning:

The project was made in collaboration with Ekaterina Vernigorova. Big thanks to Katya for helping me out and throwing in fresh ideas all the time!

Thanks for watching.

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  1. Oleg

    It’s so wonderful that you made a creative art for Tea!

    • Andrey


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