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真棒堂 My Awesome Cafe – case study

My Awesome Cafe is a place where experience feels real and authentic, a place where you can just be. My Awesome cafe is a union point of Eastern heritage and Western flare.

We set a challenge to create a logo where Chinese & English type co-exists as one, without overemphasizing one over another. From the very beginning we wanted to pay a tribute to the building – a former Ching Hwa Free Clinic (中华医院) which was build back in 1946, so the very first inspiration was captured at the Traditional Museum of Chinese medicine in Hangzhou, China.

The initial idea was to create a special atmosphere that can inspire creative people, so we proceeded with installing countless lightbulbs inside the cafe.

After that the team went on with logo creation.

Afterwards, team wandered if the logo can be turned into something that customer will be willing to purchase. “Is it possible for customer to be willing to buy staff’s uniform?” This way an idea of supporting logo was invented and was turned into a T-shirt.

Afterwards we came to a junction where we thought the logo can be pushed even further, the question was, how can we make it represent a strong sense of community. Can it be designed into an emblem that will unite awesome people together? This is where we came up with an idea of turning it into a badge.

Logo silkscreened on a shop front window.


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  1. Proud of you!

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