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Boncafellas – landing page animation

Trying to spice up static web design with my motion graphic skills. Below is a subtle looped animation we created for Boncafellas (BonCafe) landing page.

Same in high res:

Full story is coming soon.

Nivea Men – Active Charcoal

Beiersdorf needed an entertaining TV spot to kick off Germany’s first shampoo with activated charcoal as a cleansing agent, formulated for real men. This commercial was shot and aired in Europe. It is also the first time for Beiersdorf to hire a challenger agency, to produce and shoot a TV commercial out of their country.

Agency: Mangham Gaxiola
Creative Director: Robert Gaxiola
Copywriter: Geraldine Oh
Art Directors: David Wong, Andrey Danilov
Film Director: Micky Sülzer, Big Fish

Making of demo sequence

Design Marathon (Day 12)

Again, I’ve been watching tutorials and studying new After Effects techniques. Here is a short motion graphics piece I experimented with during the 12th day of D.M. Floating cubes. Fun.

Close up

Front view

Design Marathon (Day 11)

Project I made during the 11th day of the “Design Marathon”. Studying After Effects. Watching tutorials.

Design Marathon (Day 10)

Back to After Effects. Today I made this funky text reveal using real ink flows.
Music by: Midicronica.

Design Marathon (Day 7)

One more thing I created today, using After Effects. Studying.

Song fragment by Jim Guthrie.

Design Marathon (Day 6)

One more day and one more tool studied in After Effects. Love the glows on this one.