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Barong – longboard from scratch

So here is the deal. I’m coming back from Indonesia, calling up a good friend of mine and we are making a board from scratch and it’s a killer.

Wheel well close-up.

Everything started here, when I visited this beach at Canggu, Bali. I spent a good couple of hours there watching surfers do their thing. Suddenly everything else felt insignificant. I was captivated by the sound of crashing waves, and how something so simple as trimmed piece of wood can be a door to a completely different dimension. I snapped the photo above and headed back to my guesthouse, chasing sunset along the rice fields.

A couple of weeks passed by. The next thing I know, me and my buddy Oleg desperately searching for а piece of wood, that can be wide enough for a longboard.

And… We failed to find one. Here we are gluing 2 regular size boards together.

After 9 hours the glue was completely dry. We traced the shape we wanted using paper and pencil and trimmed the edges.

After a few hours of sanding.

The main shape is done, next we cut wheel wells and burned the surface to get that rich dark tint. After burning we used felt to polish it. The deck turned matte at this point.

Covering the whole thing with beeswax and preparing for artwork.

For the illustration I’ve chosen Barong – a creature from Balinese mythology, a king of all good spirits. A small tribute to Canggu where the idea has hit me.

For the artwork I used acrylic markers, White and Gold. After roughly 6 hours the illustration was done and I covered it with 5 layers of acrylic lacquer. Done.

Shout out to my dad, who let me use his studio light and took that first photo.

Thanks for watching.

DataX2 – print ad

Here’s a print ad we made back at Ogilvy. Singtel was about to launch a DataX2 plan, where with a nominal fee you could double up your mobile data. During our research we looked into old boxing posters for some inspiration and came up with this idea – The Fight For Your Data Stops With DataX2.

Agency: Ogilvy and Mather
Creative Director/Copywriter: Stephen Kyriakou
Art Director: Andrey Danilov

The taste of chlorine

An illustration inspired by the view from appartment we used to rent in Singapore. There was something magical about that lady swimming there at night. 18X24 Print.

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“Sad Chewbacca”. Quick afternoon sketch after seeing the last Force Awakens screening in town.

X-Wing Fighter wallpaper giveaway

If you are a Star Wars fan and like the X-fighter illustration I did recently, feel free to grab these wallpapers below. Right click to download the file. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, guys!


iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone 6


For more info about this illustration, click here.

You can also grab a gallery quality Giclée print on matte paper from Society6 store:
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There’s been an awakening

Continuing my series of different types of movie vehicles with this print. The rest can be viewed here.

You can grab a gallery quality Giclée print on matte paper from Society6 store:
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My process for this type of illustration is quite straightforward: sketching on paper and defining the composition, creating basic shapes in Illustrator, weathering done in Photoshop using the Force and some custom brushes.

Riot Kiss – illustration

Here is a couple of illustrations I was asked to create recently.

Above is a process video from start to finish. Quite a lot of layering with custom brushes and scanned ink textures.

Nivea Men – Active Charcoal

Beiersdorf needed an entertaining TV spot to kick off Germany’s first shampoo with activated charcoal as a cleansing agent, formulated for real men. This commercial was shot and aired in Europe. It is also the first time for Beiersdorf to hire a challenger agency, to produce and shoot a TV commercial out of their country.

Agency: Mangham Gaxiola
Creative Director: Robert Gaxiola
Copywriter: Geraldine Oh
Art Directors: David Wong, Andrey Danilov
Film Director: Micky Sülzer, Big Fish

Making of demo sequence