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The taste of chlorine

An illustration inspired by the view from appartment we used to rent in Singapore. There was something magical about that lady swimming there at night. 18X24 Print.

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“Sad Chewbacca”. Quick afternoon sketch after seeing the last Force Awakens screening in town.

X-Wing Fighter wallpaper giveaway

If you are a Star Wars fan and like the X-fighter illustration I did recently, feel free to grab these wallpapers below. Right click to download the file. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, guys!


iPhone 6 Plus

iPhone 6


For more info about this illustration, click here.

You can also grab a gallery quality Giclée print on matte paper from Society6 store:
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There’s been an awakening

Continuing my series of different types of movie vehicles with this print. The rest can be viewed here.

You can grab a gallery quality Giclée print on matte paper from Society6 store:
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My process for this type of illustration is quite straightforward: sketching on paper and defining the composition, creating basic shapes in Illustrator, weathering done in Photoshop using the Force and some custom brushes.

Riot Kiss – illustration

Here is a couple of illustrations I was asked to create recently.

Above is a process video from start to finish. Quite a lot of layering with custom brushes and scanned ink textures.

Nivea Men – Active Charcoal

Beiersdorf needed an entertaining TV spot to kick off Germany’s first shampoo with activated charcoal as a cleansing agent, formulated for real men. This commercial was shot and aired in Europe. It is also the first time for Beiersdorf to hire a challenger agency, to produce and shoot a TV commercial out of their country.

Agency: Mangham Gaxiola
Creative Director: Robert Gaxiola
Copywriter: Geraldine Oh
Art Directors: David Wong, Andrey Danilov
Film Director: Micky Sülzer, Big Fish

Making of demo sequence

Clara Clayton Canyon

The second print from the series goes to the iconic DeLorean and BTTF3. Still experimenting with this style, but already liking the results I can get simply by adding a little bit of rough texture to the silky smooth vector.

Above is my design process from start to finish.