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Design Marathon (Day 17)

It’s day number 17. Once more deeply inspired by the works of Scott Robertson I’m sketching hovercrafts and concept vehicles all day long. Here is a quick sketch and render from today afternoon:

Design Marathon (Day 16)

In the process of creating Sword and Sworcery poster.

Design Marathon (Day 15)

Day 15 of the “Design Marathon” and a sneak preview of my graduation project, here is an iOS icon I designed recently.

Design Marathon (Day 14)

A small gif animation of a UI button I created today in the afternoon. Love the glow.

Design Marathon (Day 13)

I went a bit off the track with my Design Marathon thing. I was so happy doing all the personal projects, that almost completely forgot about my Thesis and Final Graduation Project for school. Well, first things first, it took me a while to get the Thesis correct and to execute an idea for the Graduation Project (which I’ll post in the nearest future). Now, however, when I have more free time I want to continue with the “D.M.”.

The 13 day was the day of sketching. I spent an afternoon watching various capoeira rodas and quickly sketching capoeira moves with a Chinese ink. All of these sketches were made under 20 sec.

Design Marathon (Day 12)

Again, I’ve been watching tutorials and studying new After Effects techniques. Here is a short motion graphics piece I experimented with during the 12th day of D.M. Floating cubes. Fun.

Close up

Front view

Design Marathon (Day 11)

Project I made during the 11th day of the “Design Marathon”. Studying After Effects. Watching tutorials.

Design Marathon (Day 10)

Back to After Effects. Today I made this funky text reveal using real ink flows.
Music by: Midicronica.

Design Marathon (Day 9)

This one took me a bit more time than I expected, anyhow, now, when all the bezier points are on the right places and texture work is down, I’m ready to launch this small illustration.
This is a bike I own here, in Hangzhou, in fact this is a perfect Chinese copy of Honda’s Joker.