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Lavie logo design process

Lavie Lifestyle is a Singapore-based company with deep roots in the hospitality industry The company is famous for bringing the positive eco-movement to Asia by introducing a Pasta Straw, the straw that is entirely made of pasta and has been hailed as a creative and innovative solution to the damaging effects of single-use plastic.

As a starting point, we took inspiration from various typography layouts made in Victorian style spiced them with a flower of life grid and started to build upon it. Below are just a few steps of our creative process.

From the very beginning, we knew that the logo of this complexity supposed to be optimized to ensure legibility for different sizes. With that in mind, 2 additional versions of the logo were made.

Above is the progression of the tiny version, as you can see almost all of the details are gone, “Incorporated in Singapore” was replaced with company’s registration number.

Above is s a close up of the finished logo in vector.

Plus the same part of the logo but in an x-ray view.

Movement Camp 2019 – Illustration

Organized by Ido Portal’s team, MC19 is the most fascinating event in the world of movement. Below is the illustration we created which is being used for promotional material through various social media platforms. The figure is gracefully plowing through darkness, leaving a clear trail behind. In other words bringing sense and clarity through movement.

Schiele’s calling card

An actual calling card of Egon Schiele (Leopold museum, Vienna). I’ve cleaned up all the writing around the font, below is the original one I saw in the museum.

The Big Lebowski art collection

One of the greatest movies of all time approached its 20th anniversary. To celebrate it, good people over at edizionidelfrisco contacted different artists from around the globe and put together this little book featuring 68 illustrations. Oh, and you can find mine at #6.

I want the book

And a poster too

And here’s the best part. Magic actually happens. Mr Jeff Bridges himself got a copy too.

Arthur Morgan’s journal

There is one secret missing page in Arthur’s journal. Did you manage to find it?

Missing page in Arthur’s journal

Oh, that feeling when you are playing Red Dead Redemption 2, exploring its tranquil landscapes when all of a sudden things take a strange turn and you find yourself flying through the air. “Do I still have that Horse Reviver?” – you think.

Here’s my tribute to Rockstar’s masterpiece of this year, I present you a missing page from Arthur Morgan’s journal.

I’ve started with studying various drawings from Arthur’s journal. Ahem… well I actually became quite obsessed with them and couldn’t wait to explore more of the RDR2 map just to unveil more of those beautifully crafted sketches. Sadly, I couldn’t find any info about the actual artist, if you know, please leave a comment below.

In hopes that nobody sees my first sketch I quickly scribbled this:

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Album cover art for Taipei Qin Hall – 臺北琴道舘.

A concept album cover for Mr. Yuan Zhong Ping’s GuQin album. Taking inspiration from the philosophy of Taoism, the union of black and white visually shows how music has the power to harmonise seemingly opposing elements to create something new.

To give the cover a more authentic feel I chose a wood grain texture as if it was printed using an old woodblock.