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Yoga photo session with Conrad Bauer in Hangzhou, China

Sneaking around on my old hard drive I came across this awesome urban-asian-yoga photo session I made for my buddy Conrad about 4 years ago on the streets of Hangzhou. Really love the vibe of these photos, so many small details and so many warm memories…

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AmanFaYun, Hangzhou

Couple of pictures I made at AmanFaYun-法云安缦 a couple of weeks ago. Certainly visit the place if you are looking for a really authentic and tranquil place around Hangzhou area.

The Reception:

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Tiantai, GuoQing temple

Pictures from the short trip to 天台山(TianTaiShan)we made during this weekend.

Bonsai trees at the entrance of GuoQing temple.

Bamboo shoots drying in front of the monks dormitory.

Monk checking if bamboo shoots are ready to eat.

At the hall.

Peony flowers at the monastery garden.

Late dinner in the town.

On the top of TianTai.

Sui Pagoda (~700 AD)

Type - 字体

Shazam! I’m happy to announce the new project we made in collaboration with Muei san. Deeply inspired by the works of Switzerland sculptor Markus Raetz we decided to erase a very solid boundary between Eastern and Western typography.

For this project we tried a lot of innovative media that we never used before. Everything started in MAYA software (a very big thanks to Sanzhar Murzin who helped us to revise my Google SketchUp attempts, make sure to check out his personal website it’s going to be up and running pretty soon), later on we continued with a 3D printing, after the 3D form was ready we went on and made a quick photo shooting and proceeded to photo editing. Alongside with photos a various types of visual identity has been created including business cards, posters, letter samples and a short video.

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Impression West Lake – 印象西湖

For those who are still in the dark: Impression West Lake is a grand open-air show of light, music and dance staged entirely upon the lake itself (which is in Hangzhou, China… obviously).


Not long time ago one of our teachers showed us his collection of Tibetan stuff he bought recently from local vendors. One of the things that attracted my attention at once was an old wooden cover book full of small images of Buddhas & Bodhisatvas. Really gorgeous piece of art…


When the high speed Hangzhou-Beijing railroad was finally ready we decided to take a day off and visit China’s cultural capital. After the 5 hour ride we were standing in front of the Forbidden City…
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How to silkscreen a T-shirt

Recently I’ve got the first silkscreen experience while making a T-shirt design for the Capoeira hangzhou group. The process is really interesting especially with the Chinese worker’s creativity tending to cut manufacturing costs by any means. Have a look…

Printing our design on a transparent plastic paper.

Preparing the “silk screen”.


After the wax is completely dry we need to “burnout” our design from the waxed silk screen. On the picture: The guy is putting our design and the screen on top of UV lamps.

Then he said: “Actually this kind of light is a bit dangerous so I’d better cover the whole thing with my coat… ”

Washing out the wax from the “burned” spots. Making a stencil…

White spots – no wax.

Using the pressurized water jet to reveal a very thin lines.

They use chopsticks to stir the paint.

Drying again and covering unwanted spots with a sticky tape.

Defining the place of our design on T–shirt.