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Budo 武道 – brand development

Budo is a UK based online community, selling fight wear and different martial art equipment. After failing to achieve a desirable result with the local designers, M. reached out to me for help. Here’s what we came up with.

the concept

During the design process I played around with these 4 main elements:

If you visit a Japanese temple, inside you can stumble upon a round window “The Window of Enlightenment” and a square one “The Window of Ignorance”, its sharp edges are like the impurities of the mind, whereas the round one represents a perfect state of mind – Nirvana.

Cracked Ice pattern – a design element usually used on windows in Asian architecture. The technique takes incredible amount of skill to master.

I love the simplicity and minimalistic look of Japanese Family Crests. We decided that Budo can stand for something more than just a shop, it’s a community of martial artists, sharing their experiences and helping each other.

Cracked Ice pattern on a window at Lion Grove Garden, Suzhou.

Color inspiration came from this photo (I believe it was taken by Mary Harrsch). This stunning Sashiko was made back in 1780 during the Edo Period.

Budo T-shirts.

Budo logo on Noren – a traditional Japanese fabric divider. (Based on a photo by U3K-Y)

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  2. Martin

    Not sure how I came across Andrey’s website but I knew after looking at his work that he was the designer/artist I wanted to work with for Budo Online. Luckily he was able to fit us in during a busy schedule and help us to achieve the brand identity we were hoping to achieve and more. Living at the other side of the world didn’t prove to be a problem, from our initial request response Andrey was super helpful and we were able to keep in touch easily via email/skype etc.

    Andrey instantly got a feel for the look we were after, having several interests in common made conveying the ideas I had in mind a breeze. Combining some of the concepts he came up with for us all into one logo while being able to keep it looking strong and simple/clear really impressed us. Andrey went above and beyond in helping us create the identity I had in mind and we couldn’t be happier with the result. Thanks again, M

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